Haven't done one of these in a LOOOONNNNNGGG time but thought I'd make one again today.  I've still been planning my menu, just haven't been posting it.  When I started getting those Farmers Market Baskets it became harder because I would pick them up on Tuesday and usually plan my menu over the weekend.  It's hard to plan your menu when you don't know what sides you're going to have that week to pick from.

I've also started doing Zumba 2 nights a week and need to have dinner ready a little bit earlier on those nights so it definitely takes some planning.

I'm looking for a good gumbo or jambalaya recipe to make this weekend or for lunch on Friday.  I've got some okra that I need to use up.  Or, if you have a recipe for okra please share that too!

Monday - Homemade Pizza and salad
Tuesday - Chili slaw dogs and sweet potato fries- I need to find a good chili recipe for hot dogs
Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with slaw, Mac N Cheese, Beans
Thursday - Chicken 'fried' steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Corn on the Cob, Something Green

Dessert - Fresh Fruit popcicles, Ziploc bag ice cream, WINE  :)

Have a good week!  Head over to MPM on I'm an Organizing Junkie for tons of other menu ideas and recipe links.