Haven't done one of these in a LOOOONNNNNGGG time but thought I'd make one again today.  I've still been planning my menu, just haven't been posting it.  When I started getting those Farmers Market Baskets it became harder because I would pick them up on Tuesday and usually plan my menu over the weekend.  It's hard to plan your menu when you don't know what sides you're going to have that week to pick from.

I've also started doing Zumba 2 nights a week and need to have dinner ready a little bit earlier on those nights so it definitely takes some planning.

I'm looking for a good gumbo or jambalaya recipe to make this weekend or for lunch on Friday.  I've got some okra that I need to use up.  Or, if you have a recipe for okra please share that too!

Monday - Homemade Pizza and salad
Tuesday - Chili slaw dogs and sweet potato fries- I need to find a good chili recipe for hot dogs
Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with slaw, Mac N Cheese, Beans
Thursday - Chicken 'fried' steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Corn on the Cob, Something Green

Dessert - Fresh Fruit popcicles, Ziploc bag ice cream, WINE  :)

Have a good week!  Head over to MPM on I'm an Organizing Junkie for tons of other menu ideas and recipe links.
So, I found a way to save money on produce!  I can coupon all day but you rarely find any for fresh produce.  Why is it so expensive to eat healthy?!?  Anywho... 

Here in Atlanta we have a company called Farmer's Market Baskets that goes to the state farmer's market and brings back truck loads of fresh local fruits and veggies.  Then you can purchase the premade baskets from them for $10-$15.

It's really an excellent deal!  I purchased my first small basket today and here are the contents

I will probably upgrade to a Regular basket for next time and see how that lasts in my house and then decide from there which to use regularly.  They have a website that allows you to handle everything online.  You can choose to pick up a basket every week, every other week or as needed.  You can also place a special order for certain items that vary each week.  Then you can go to their warehouse or various other locations in the area to pick up your basket.  The other locations cost a little more but it's only a couple of dollars.

I first heard about them last year and I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to jump on the bandwagon!  So Farmer's Market Baskets work for me!  Visit WFMW at We Are THAT Family for hundreds of other posts.

While I have you here can I ask a favor?  I entered my daughter in a Cutest Kids contest to win a $150 gift card to the local consignment sale here in my area.  She's in 5th place but has to be in 1st to win and voting ends on Sunday.  So, if you don't mind helping a girl out...  click HERE and this will take you to the Facebook page for the contest.  You have to click on the green VOTE button and then click on the allow button for the app if it pops up.  It will also ask you if you want to share it on your wall and I don't mind if you do.  It will just show her pic to all of your friends and maybe they will vote for her too!  I will forever love all of you and will vote for anything and everything your children do! Here she is... Isn't she just adorable?!?! 

How lovely are your hand prints?

I decided to make an ornament with Audrey's handprint this year.  This year all she did was put her hand on paper.  Next year she can help make one with me.

It's very self explanatory.  I mean, I figured it out...  You just start by tracing and cutting out lots of little hands.  I cut out 18 but my tree only used 9 so I'll be making another one. 

Then you just layer them at angles to make the tree gluing as you go.  I flipped them so that the thumbs were the outside 'branches' on each row.  Then cut out a star and a truck and VOILA!

I think I'll by some glitter to decorate it with.  Another great idea would be to use a hole punch and punch several different colors and glue them on as Christmas balls.


Well, it's yet another week but this one is short for me!  I'm heading to my 10 year high school reunion (gasp!!) so I won't be home to prepare meals the entire week.  Instead I will be dining at Cafe Mom.

I think Fall is finally here for the long haul in Georgia.  I do believe we'll still have some 90 degree days but the 70's and low 80's have crept in so I'm dusting off some fall recipes.

We went to the Miller Lite Chili Cook-off on Saturday and sampled from close to 300 competitors!  One day I WILL compete in this thing!  You can enter in 3 categories - Chili, Brunswick Stew, and Cornbread and I believe that I could compete in all 3.  So, in honor of that and fall we're having My Secret Chili this week.

Monday - Crock Pot Chops That'll Make You Eat Till You Pop
Tuesday - My Secret Chili - the recipe is state secret, sorry :)
Wednesday - Leftover Bonanza!

Head on over to Orgjunkie.com for hundreds of other MPM participants menus.
I went to church with a lady named Linda that has a photography business, Clear Creek Images.  She's amazing.  I love the bright colors and the candid shots she gets of babies.  Well, she has partnered with Doodlebug Boutique for a giveaway.  Doodlebug has some super cute bows and tutus.  Brace yourselves, they're way cuter than the one I made...

They are giving away a custom-made tut costume from Doodlebug Boutique valued at $40.  You get to choose from a fairy, bumblebee, ladybug, or princess.  How cute would my pudgy princess be as any one of those!  We already know she's stylin' in a tutu!  :)

Along with the costume you'll receive a Halloween Mini Session valued at $35 from Clear Creek Images.  It's 25 minutes and includes 3-5 edited digital images for 1 child.  The catch is that her studio is in Acworth, GA so you'll need to be close.  Lucky for me!

If you're interested in entering the giveaway go on over to Doodlebug Boutique's blog and read the entry information.  And if you win and I don't, I'll never be your friend ever again.  I kid, I kid!  Good luck!