Well, it's yet another week but this one is short for me!  I'm heading to my 10 year high school reunion (gasp!!) so I won't be home to prepare meals the entire week.  Instead I will be dining at Cafe Mom.

I think Fall is finally here for the long haul in Georgia.  I do believe we'll still have some 90 degree days but the 70's and low 80's have crept in so I'm dusting off some fall recipes.

We went to the Miller Lite Chili Cook-off on Saturday and sampled from close to 300 competitors!  One day I WILL compete in this thing!  You can enter in 3 categories - Chili, Brunswick Stew, and Cornbread and I believe that I could compete in all 3.  So, in honor of that and fall we're having My Secret Chili this week.

Monday - Crock Pot Chops That'll Make You Eat Till You Pop
Tuesday - My Secret Chili - the recipe is state secret, sorry :)
Wednesday - Leftover Bonanza!

Head on over to Orgjunkie.com for hundreds of other MPM participants menus.
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  1. Annika Says:

    I love your blog name! What is your recipe for Crock Pot Chops? They sound like something my family would like.Have a great week!

  2. ~Monica~ Says:

    Thanks Annika! I added the link to the post. They are really good and we serve them with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans or Corn.

  3. Yum! I love chili! I have a green turkey chili recipe I'll be blogging about soon. SO glad the Atlanta weather has turned cooler so we can actually enjoy the outdoors!

    Happy weekend!

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