Kristen at We are THAT Family hosts a blog carnival on Wednesdays with the theme Works For Me Wednesday where fellow bloggers post tips that... you'll never guess... WORK FOR THEM!!  You're so smart!  So anyway, here's my WFMW tip on baby stains.

So, as a new mother I'm new to the newborn realm of stains on clothes.  And for mothers of breastfed babies you know what I'm talking about.  So, In my daughter's room I have her clothes hamper right next to her changing table.  And sitting within arms reach on her dresser... drum roll please....  my bottle of stain remover!!  Yep, it's a novel idea, I know!  I use Zout and I fully believe it has magical stain lifting powers.

So, when I have to change my daughter and there's a messy mess, I grab the Zout, spray it on her clothes right then and toss them in the hamper.  Then when I'm ready to wash I just toss them in the washer.  I don't have to worry about the stain setting in and remembering to put something on it when I do the laundry.  And the majority of the time the stain comes out without any further treatment.  Hey, it woks for me!

So, stroll on over to the WFMW post on Kristen's blog and read through the TONS of posts for tips on all sorts of stuff.
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