I'm ready to pull my hair out with my 7 month old...  We just got back from a week vacation in Florida with lots of friends at the beach and boy was it ever a sorry vacation for me.  She screamed almost the entire week and we couldn't console her with anything. 

I took her to the doc today sure that she had an ear infection or something and they told me that she was perfectly healthy!!  I was quick to offer for them to keep her for the afternoon while they rethought their opinion...  :)  Of course while at the office she was a perfect happy baby bouncing on my knee and blowing raspberries.  So far since we left there she's been good but I guess we'll have to see how it holds up.

So now that I'm back home hopefully I can resume my schedule and get my meals planned for the week.  I guess my daughter will let me know if I can go back to normal or not. 
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