Well, I did week 2 day 2 today and it was better than I expected starting out.  This week you run for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes in between.  I only missed about 30 seconds of one run!! 

I don't want to say that it seems to be getting easier, because it's not.  It's still tough.  But, I think I'm getting more motivation the further into it I get.  So it seems that I'm pushing myself just a little harder to keep going and not stop running before I'm supposed to.

My husband went with me last week and he was so proud of me.  He commented after we got home that my face was finally a color besides RED  for the first time which showed him just how hard I was pushing myself.  I also found out that there are a couple of girls at my church that are doing this too so it's kind of given me more motivation to be able to tell them that I finished it.

At first I wanted to keep it to myself that I was doing this so that if I decided to quit I wouldn't have anyone to tell that I'd failed.  But I've told quite a few people IRL now so I kind of feel accountable to finish.  I believe that I can do this and more importantly I WILL do this :)
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