Good Morning out there!  Whew, what a busy weekend we had.  We ripped up some monster bushes in front of our house and planted a little flower bed in it's place, went garage saling ALL day, went to an auction, church and spent time with friends.  And the biggest accomplishment of all??  Drum roll please..... My daughter slept in her bed all night long!!  Oh, and throw into the mix that my new crawler is now pulling up on things.

This morning I started my 3rd week of the C25K running program.  I started week 2 today and I am really proud of myself.  I was supposed to run for about 9 minutes and was able to do 8 of them.  I counted up and the 18 weeks will hit the week of my daughter's first birthday so that should be an interesting goal.  I'm thinking of signing up for a Labor Day 5K.  We'll see.

Now onto my menu plan:

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Pork Tenderloin, Wild Rice, Veggies
Mexican Pizzas
Rosemary Maple Chicken, Stovetop Stuffing, Sweet potatoes
Homemade Pizza - Buffalo Chicken this week!

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