Well, I have chickened out on my running for a while now.  Probably somewhere close to 2 months because of the heat and humidity.  It's been truely horrendous!  But my favorite weatherman said that the lows were going to get down into the 60's last night so what did I do? 

I opened my windows!!

And when I woke up this morning to the sound of music (literally) I decided that it felt amazing and I should be a trooper and get back to running.  So, I fed the baby and off we went. 

I didn't know quite where to pick up so I jumped back to week 2 and accidentaly did day 2 instead of day 1.  But that doesn't matter this week because all of the runs are the same.  It's 6 repitions of 90 second runs followed by 60 second walks.  I did pretty well.  I didn't get to totally finish the last run because the baby threw her pacifier down to say, "Hey Mom, I'm DONE!  Let's go swing."  So, we swang in order to preserve the peace at the track.

It felt really good to get back into it today.  I just hope the temperatures stay like this!!  We'll see.  There's a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving that a friend of mine asked me to run in with her so I'd like to be able to be finished by then.  My original deadline was in 2 weeks but that's not gonna happen.
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  1. Seriously, our heat's been awful! I know Atlanta is miserable in the summer but I looked through the records and since June 10th there have only been about 6 days under 90 degrees (and by under 90 i mean like 86). It's absurd! I live in a sauna!

    Good for you on the running. Interval training is so good for you!

  2. ~Monica~ Says:

    Thanks!! The weather here has been awful this year. It's almost as bad as Texas weather and the humidity has been ridiculous.

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