My daughter will turn 1 in LESS than a MONTH!  I can't belive it.  I'm starting trying to prepare for her party by brainstorming gifts I would like to get her and what I want her cake to look like.  She doesn't watch TV so she's doesn't have a favorite cartoon character or anything yet.  I mean, she may get overly excited to have a cake with Paula Deen on it.  That's the kind of stuff we watch :)

Still, I'm learning all about this first birthday party thing.  We're just planning on having friends over and I'm going to have a smash cake for her that will hopefully provide TONS of super fun pictures.  I'm having fun looking at ideas and pictures for this!  And to make things better.... my Mom and sister are flying in to celebrate with us!  Ooh, maybe I can put Grandma on cake clean up!  What? A girl can dream.
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  1. She's a doll! For my daughter's first, I got a cake with two little cars - elmo in one and big bird in another. She has played with those cars a ton since then and she'll be 3 this oct. Time flies!

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